The region of Tuscany is located in the central territory of Italy and it  is characteristic for its extraordinary beauty and absolute charm. Tuscany offers the possibility to visit so many different locations, from the wonderful coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, to the beautiful cities of Art, or from the mountains to the vast plains, this region is characterized by excellent cuisine, often based on ‘poor’ foods, high quality wines and oils and by the friendliness of the people. One of the most precious and important regions in Italy, Tuscany is seen as a land incredibly rich in history, art and culture. Even in the oldest centuries, this region was considered as the country of the most famous artists, who found the inspiration and tranquility that still remains there today.

In the southern part of this extraordinary region is located the Villaggio Le Querce, an elegant tourist complex with Holiday Apartments which offers guests that typical warmth of the Tuscan people and shows them the flavors, perfumes and beauty of the area.